• Chairman's Message

  • Jane Gandee, Chairman

    Fire Marshal Office Opens on Richmond Highway

    October 2017


    I was excited to join others in the community and attend the opening of the Fire Marshall’s office located in the Old Mount Vernon High School on September 20.  This event is of particular importance to our Chamber, as we have been working with Assistant Fire Chief John Caussin to find ways to work together to make the fire inspections for our businesses more productive, efficient and friendly.

    We know from talking to business owners in our district that fire inspections can be very problematic. For instance, fire inspectors do not necessarily follow the same guidelines, approved plans can be modified by the inspector, a culture of customer service is sometimes lacking. A tool to gauge the inspector’s performance to insure these issues are addressed would go along towards conformity and consistency of inspections.

    Our face to face meeting with Assistant Chief Caussin was extremely productive.  We are encouraged that the Fire Marshall’s office has agreed to provide a regular newsletter to our Chamber members via our website.  This will provide accurate and up to date information on a regular basis.

    We have also suggested that the Fire Marshall’s office provide a customer survey tool. This process is currently being worked on to find the most appropriate way to provide anonymity and function.

    Most importantly, we want to encourage the Fire Marshalls to work with our businesses
    in a spirit of teamwork, providing the same inspector on repeated visits, with a clear understanding of the final outcome and timetable.

    We believe that the opening of this new office will go a long way in providing the same inspectors.  Our hope is we get to know them and they get to know us as we work together for the prevention and safety we all desire.


    Jane Gandee
    ServiceMaster NCR