• LeadShare Groups

  • LeadShare is structured networking groups.

    It is a pro-active approach for supplementing your business growth through the process of giving and receiving business leads within a structured environment.

  • One of the most popular reasons people join their local Chamber of Commerce is to network with other members. 

    Networking provides us with the opportunities to build sales profitability through personal communications and contacts. Learning to generate and develop these kinds of relationships is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. 

    Building an effective network takes time. It takes trust. Most importantly, it takes a structured forum for all of this to take place in.

    LeadShare provides the environment that can help you create and nourish these new relationships. 

    LeadShare members get to know each others’ businesses and learn about the kind of clients and opportunities each member is seeking. 

    Being a part of a LeadShare Group is like having multiple sales people working for you out in the field every day.

    Over time, as group members get to know every member in the group and hear testimonials from them and others, and as your networking experience and ability grows, you will gain the confidence needed to recommend each other’s product or service. 


  • An individual may join only one LeadShare Group and may represent only one business category within that Group. 
    To join a LeadShare Group one must:

    • Be a Mount Vernon Lee Chamber member. 
    • Complete a LeadShare application and submit to the Chamber.
    • Receive approval from the Group Leader and Chamber staff so there is no conflict with another member’s business category
    • Pay the $65 LeadShare dues.

    A position in a LeadShare Group cannot be assigned until these procedures have been met.


  • Mount Vernon LeadShare meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at 11:45 am, Houlihan's Restaurant.


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