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  • Locations. Affordability and Amazon are Daily Subjects at Nesbitt Realty and Management

  • By Mike Salmon

    The face of “sticker shock,” is one that realtors all over this area know all too well, and Will Nesbitt at Nesbitt Realty and Management on Belle Haven Road sees it a lot. The price of a single-family house or townhouse around Northern Virginia is higher than the national average and a family moving into the area has experienced the jaw drop when considering housing prices.

    “That happened so many times, they blur together,” he said. “There are no good deals,” he added. Buyer’s come up with plans to get a place in Prince William County and use the back roads for a quick trip to their job in Fairfax, Arlington or D.C. “It’s not going to happen,” he said.

    Nesbitt did point out a few places in the Mount Vernon area that are more affordable and desirable then others, like Landsdowne, the River Towers in Belle View or Woodlawn. It’s an area that’s got decent transportation options, Metro, and a country feel, and he goes to the old saying that everyone uses: “The three most important words in real estate are location, location, location,” he said, with a smile.

    Nesbitt Realty and Management is a family owned business that serves buyers, sellers, renters and landlords in Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church and Fairfax County VA. Will Nesbitt knows the area and he and his friendly staff of Realtors can help you find just what you are looking for in real estate. Nesbitt Realty also specializes in property management.

    Nesbitt started dabbling in real estate at age 19 and by the time he was 23, he had a few rental properties, but finally got his real estate license in 2004. Now he mans the wheel at Nesbitt Realty and Property Management, right across the street from Belle Haven Country Club. “I saw an opportunity in this and that’s how I became a real estate agent,” he said.

    He deals with real estate as far as Reston and Woodbridge, but mostly stays in Alexandria and Arlington. 
    Anyone in real estate around here can’t avoid looking at the arrival of Amazon, and Nesbitt is no different. “Everybody’s anticipating that,” he said. There are buyers that come in, plop down a chunk of cash and are hoping to rent or resell to Amazon employees, and that keeps the agents busy. “It’s a unique opportunity for people that aren’t real estate investors,” he said.

    With condominiums, there are seemingly good deals but sometimes the buyers are not considering the high condo fees, particularly the age 55 and older places. At first look, “they get excited,” he said, "but with a condo fee of around $3,500 per month, the smile goes away." Sometimes this high fee includes nursing and other senior amenities, so it is like a retirement center. The Jefferson in Arlington is one place like this, he said.

    In the Mount Vernon area, the demographics have changed, and it’s an area that’s a little less “country,” than it used to be. There are young professionals coming from out of state and military families, with the locals that grew up here moving out. The State Department and “easy commute to the Pentagon,” are attractions, he said. With an area like Kingstowne, the Franconia-Beulah corridor “has really changed,” he said.

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