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  • Special Payroll Savings for Non-profit Organizations
    We guarantee at least $500 less than current cost

    ECCA Payroll guarantees referred nonprofit organizations at least $500/year in payroll services savings. Every dollar saved, especially in fixed expenses such as payroll services, is another dollar that can be put to great use!

    We are a local payroll services firm based in Alexandria, and have saved many of our local, outstanding nonprofit organizations thousands in expenses by offering our services with this guaranteed savings agreement.

    1. Call us to set up a time to meet and discuss a few simple items we will need to provide you with a payroll quote.
    2. Receive our estimate that will be at least $500 less per year than your current payroll costs, and in most cases, even more savings than that! If you wish to move forward, we’ll handle the rest!
    3. Set aside an hour of time to allow us to get to know your organization and gather a few notes and documents needed to get you started!

    Common Misconception: It’s risky and cumbersome to change payroll vendors and can only be done at the end of the year.
    ECCA’s Answer: We often hear this and it is exactly what companies want you to believe so you are worried about switching to a more affordable or better service. Switching payroll service providers is a very simple process, lead entirely by our team, and has nothing to do with your benefits or other services provided.

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    Offer Valid: March 7, 2018December 31, 2019
    Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce