• June 11 Primary Candidates

  • Lee District Supervisor Democrat Candidates

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  • Larysa M. Kautz


  • Rodney L. Lusk


  • Kelly M. P. Hebron


  • James T. Migliaccio


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    How would you propose to underground utilities on Richmond Highway?

    Kelly Hebron

    The decisions should be made based on data identifying the most needed locations for underground utilities on Richmond Highway. There is certainly a case to be made for the benefits of underground power lines.  The benefits are that they are less subject to damage from severe weather and other accidents both natural and man-made. However, there is a high cost of installing underground power lines. Estimates place the cost of undergrounding power lines at roughly $750 per foot, compared with $70 per foot to install power lines the way we do today. The length of time to construct is also for consideration.  North Carolina explored installing underground utilities after a particularly bad storm that left 2 million residents in the dark.  It was priced out and found it would take 25 years to complete the undergrounding project.

    Larysa Kautz

    I approve of the steps that the County and our state officials have taken to bring groups like Dominion and Verizon to the table to begin having these discussions. I wish that we had started these discussions even earlier and included undergrounding utilities as part of the plan from the beginning. We are investing large amounts of money in the Route One corridor and we should do this project the right way the first time around and in a way that benefits all our residents. If Verizon is willing to cover their obligation and put forth the funds to cover the costs, then we should continue to work with them and Dominion to make this possible. I also believe that we should be able to work with other jurisdictions, like Prince William county who successfully did this, and learn from their experience.

    Rodney Lusk

    I believe that utilities on the Richmond Highway Corridor should be undergrounded, as a critical part of the revitalization and economic development of the Corridor. As we move forward with this goal, we should convene a meeting with the County Executive, County Director of Transportation, the VDOT Administrator, and the various utility and telecommunication companies impacted to discuss methodologies for undergrounding these utilities, and what the projected costs would be within different scenarios. Once the study has been undertaken, outreach should be made to private sector telecom partners to determine what models would be feasible for their contribution to the project, followed by a similar outline from both the County and the State. Contributions on behalf of the county could include general obligation bonds for economic revitalization, the use of the Economic Development Fund, the use of tax increment financing, or other tools identified by this coalition. Finally, as the widening of Route 1 commences, serious study and consideration must be made to undergrounding the utilities at that time.