• Shop Local

  • Local businesses are ready to help you with the products  or services you need. These friendly business owners are your neighbors and they care about the community.  

    They will provide you with quality products and great customer service all at competitive prices.

    Support the businesses in the community where you live.


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    Ten Reasons to Shop Local

    1. Keep your money in your neighborhood.

    Studies show that locally owned businesses recirculated 70% more money back into the local economy.

    2. Embrace what makes us different.

    The neighborhoods where we shop, eat, or just hang out have their own character. Every place doesn't have to be the same.

    3. Get better service.

    In a local business the staff understands their product and they take time to serve their customers.

    4. Create and keep good jobs.

    Small local businesses employ the majority of people in Fairfax County and they are less likely to move.

    5. Promote competition and diversity.

    Local businesses select products based on their customers not some national sales plan.

    6. Help the environment.

    Local businesses generally make more local purchases requiring less transportation. Plus they are closer to you.

    7. Support community groups.

    Nonprofits receive an average of 350% more support from local business owners than they do from non-locally owned businesses.

    8. Put your taxes to good use.

    Local businesses need less services but pay more taxes. A good commercial tax base helps the community.

    9. Vote with your dollars

    Spend more of your dollars locally for a larger impact to help schools, police and fire services, and parks.

    10. Invest in your community

    Local businesses are owned by people who live here, work here, and are invested in the community with more than just their dollars.